Friday, May 28, 2010


Assalamualaikum all.. :) we meet again

Life is kind of dull for me nowadays.. mom and dad far from fetched, friends married, bestFren @ my sister's married, hmm its just not exciting as it used to be.. no sparks no fireworks.. just dull dan sunyiii.. Dalam keadaan mcm ni lah my little mind start working.. memikir, thinking and thinking and thinking of what could have been if i... or what will happen if i... hmmm... its so tiring and boring.
Sebut pasal rindu.. semua menda aku rindu!.. Pergg rindu ngan suami, anak , family aku!.. Dah lama we all x kumpul cam dolu2. Masing2 bz ngan kerja ja kan. Lgkan aku yg kerja x tentu masa. time depa ajak vacation mana2 slalu x leh join. Almaklumlah kelas lg kan mana bley elak semua 2. Apa pun semua 2 dah mmg tugas yg diamanahkan. So kena pikul even berat nak hantaq Qayyim p sckool time weekends. CIAN dia!.. sdiri bayang la kalau anak kat nursery hujung mingg yg hanya ada 2-3 org budak... huhuh mood sedih plaks kan ... BUT....
.Alhamdulillah, I am blessed, even tho sometimes i feel empty and unappreciated, i never forget the fact that i am blessed, blessed that i have a family that love me owh so much, friends who i can count on to make me happy and be a good listener and be my punching bag whenever i feel like bashing -- with words i mean, not literally, huhu... and maybe someday i find the perfect friends in life.. And da only 1 is my dearest husband who will always be there for me, who cares for me, who wants to share a lifetime with me and he  is willing to share my ups and down,  .. amin.. huhu emo tiba2.. :p sorry.. masyaAllah..kena bwk ngucap byk2 nie ka n.. emo lebey2 plaks ..

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